What We Do

Refuge International strives to make a difference through collaborative and sustainable programs in the areas of basic healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water and education in rural communities of Guatemala. These programs are achieved through Medical Mission Trips and the establishment of foundational programs.

We also serve the homeless population in Longview by providing a monthly healthcare clinic.

Since 2003, our volunteers and donors have changed the lives of thousands. From regular check-ups and preventative medicines to performing life-saving surgeries, our medical teams have given new hope to the people of Guatemala. We’ve brought dentists, chiropractors and technicians to their communities. We’ve built schools, trained nurses and local practitioners, dug water wells, distributed water filters and treated millions of children for worms and parasites. By targeting these key areas in the rural communities of Guatemala we are able to create lasting change, and help to not only treat but to also prevent illness.

The need in Guatemala is great, but so is our passion.


Medical Missions

Since 2003, Refuge International has been helping people in some of the most remote areas of Guatemala through medical missions.


Clean Water

Refuge International strives to further improve the health of people in Guatemala by providing clean and adequate water resources.



Refuge International hopes to provide the opportunity for better learning by providing teaching staff and school supplies in the remote areas we serve.



Malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and parasitic worms all contribute to this major health burden in Guatemala.


Hiway 80 Mission

Close to home, Refuge International volunteers provide bi-monthly healthcare services to the homeless population in Longview, Texas.