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Support Our Change the World Fundraising Teams

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Support Our "Change the World" Fundraising Teams

Refuge International wishes to express our appreciation for participating in our world-changing mission. As Mahatma Gandhi said, each of us must be the change we wish to see in the world. Each of us can make a difference in the life of one person… one family… or an entire community. Your participation in Refuge’s Change the World program helps pay for a substantial portion of the annual costs associated with our work.

We ask all volunteers to participate in the Change the World program. Many volunteers find that friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church members and others in their community rally in support of a cause that is important to them.

Change the WorldThe Change the World Program does not pay for volunteers' trip fees. Mission trip fees do not cover all of the costs of your food, lodging, in-country transfers, insurance, supplies, and equipment needed to make a trip successful. We are asking you to help raise the funds to cover all of the expenses associated with the mission team's work. Funds raised may also help fund the entire portfolio of projects and initiatives that are part of our organization's mission. Here are just some of the ways these donations are used:

  • Support a full-time hospital in Sarstun, Guatemala
  • Water drilling projects
  • Medication, surgical supplies and equipment shipment costs
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Transportation for patients traveling for surgical and medical care
  • Laboratory and radiology testing
  • Construction and repair of our current clinical sites, as well as future sites
  • Preventative dental program for children
  • Operational costs
  • Country-wide deworming program
  • Transportation and care of patients traveling to the US for surgical care through our Saul Project