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Research Opportunities

Are you interested in studying the prevalence of malaria or intestinal worms in underserved communities in Guatemala?

Perhaps you have a hypothesis that teaching Mayan midwives about postpartum hemorrhage will reduce maternal mortality.

We offer opportunities to create and build on evidence-based health care in an international setting.

If you have a project in mind that fits our overall mission, Refuge International might be able to help you acheive your research goals. We support individual investigators who wish to study international health and health care. Our projects are focused primarily on basic health care, adequate nutrition, clean water and education.

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Chronic Health Conditions in Rural Caribbean Guatemala

Authors: William H. Young; Alana Carrasco; Joel Rodriguez; Lucio Zapata; Yolande Pengetnze MD; Patti Pagels MPAS, PA-C

The purpose of this research is to characterize the presence of chronic health conditions among healthcare seekers in the underserved indigenous community of Sarstun, Izabal Department, Guatemala.

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Jornadas Medicine

Jornadas MedicineClick to download a PDF version of the presentation.Durward A. Watson, PA-C, of UT Southwestern Medical School writes:

"I am a Physician Assistant at UTSouthwestern who helped accompany PA Students along with John Cane, PA-C earlier this March for a medical mission trip to Sarstun. I had a great time, learned a lot and am interested in volunteering again in 2019.

"I am forwarding a PowerPoint presentation that I gave to my fellow faculty in the Infectious Disease Division at UTSW following our trip last March. If you find it may be of use to you, I am glad to share it and adjust for any type of audience. If asked, I'd be more than happy to present in Longview or other locale."

Prenatal Care & Education

Download the graduate projects of two candidates for Master of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas:

Assessing Community Interest in Health Education Through Short-Term Medical Missions

Assessing Community Interest in Health Education Through Short-Term Medical MissionsClick to download a poster (PDF) summarizing the findings.Maria Ruiz, B.S., of UT Southwestern Medical School writes:

"I took part in the UTSW Medical School trip to Chocola this year and last year. This year, one of the resident family medicine physicians attending wished to conduct a short survey of the patients to help us as medical students find ways to be more involved, since our utility as clinicians is limited.

"We conducted a survey asking patients what kind of health topics they would like to learn about, in hopes of, in future trips, organizing a short oral presentation for the patients over a topic they would like to learn about, taught by medical students.

"I wrote up the results of the survey with a couple of my colleagues and was able to transform the findings into a poster presentation that I presented at the 10th Annual JPS Research Day "Advancing Health Equity through Research & Education" Conference on June 3rd, 2016 in Ft. Worth, TX. I wanted to share with you the poster that I presented, since thanks to Refuge, I had the opportunity to do this and be part of the wonderful mission trip to Chocola."