Refuge International

Improving lives through healthcare, nutrition, clean water, and education.


Fundraising Suggestions

There are many ways to get others involved. Here are a few suggestions:

Create your own online fundraising page

Change the WorldYou can create your own personal page that tells your story and shares your passion about the trip you are embarking on with Refuge. Once you’ve set up your page, you can connect directly with your community of friends, family, colleagues,etc. It’s easy to set up! The site will allow you to track your fundraising progress, send automatic thank you notes, and even create a blog to share your stories and experiences.

Learn how to create your own page.

Letter-writing campaign

A letter-writing campaign is an opportunity to let others know about Refuge International and why it is important to you. Be sure to contact others who will be interested in the work you are a part of. Consider including friends, family, church members, physicians, nurses, dentists, neighbors, colleagues, favorite establishments, professors or teachers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, classmates, and local service organizations.

  • Personalize our sample letters, or create your own.
  • Write a personal note on each typed letter.
  • Follow up with a phone call or email about your upcoming trip.
  • Always include a donor reply card and envelope, as well as the Refuge International PayPal link.
  • Be sure the checks are made payable to Refuge International, and include your name.
  • Checks should be mailed to: Refuge International, P.O. Box 3586, Longview, TX 75606-3586.

Email campaign

In these days of text messaging and email, you may find it more convenient to email the people you wish to contact. Make sure you include the link to Refuge International and that their donations include your name.

Change the World Party

  • Invite friends, family and other people who are interested in you and your upcoming mission trip.
  • Considering serving a Guatemalan dinner, decorating with bright Guatemalan colors.
  • Prepare donor cards with your name and team description (site and date of trip). Place them in envelopes addressed to Refuge International, P.O. Box 3586, Longview, TX 75606-3586. Have these available.
  • Give a short presentation with pictures and a video about Refuge International. If you have been before, show a slide show of your pictures and talk about your experiences. If you have not been yet, consider showing the DVD you received from Refuge.

Other ideas

  • Sell plates to a barbecue dinner, crawfish boil, wine and cheese night, or fish fry. Get local merchants to donate the supplies.
  • Have a bake sale at your workplace or church.
  • Ask for donations to Refuge instead of birthday or holiday gifts.
  • Add a ‘signature block’ to all of your emails that includes a information about your upcoming mission trip and the Change the World program.
  • Ask your family and friends to contact their friends and associates to help meet your goal.
  • Ask your employer about matching gifts.
  • Participate in a bike ride, a race, or a swimming competition, asking others to sponsor each mile you complete.
  • Ask restaurants and retailers to consider donating a portion of proceeds to Refuge for a day. Chili’s and affiliated restaurants already have this in place; just ask.
  • If you are an artist, consider an art auction to sell some of your work.
  • If you are a photographer, consider having a day of sittings to raise funds.
  • Do a coin drive at your work, school or church.
  • Have a garage sale, encouraging friends and family to donate goods.
  • Provide lawn service for donations to Refuge.
  • Provide babysitting services for donations to Refuge.
  • Provide holiday gift wrapping for donations.
  • Go ‘bucketing’ in your neighborhood, dorm or around campus.
  • Use your Facebook page or Twitter account to solicit donations.