Volunteer Scholarships

Volunteering on a medical mission requires time, skill, passion and financial resources. 

Our scholarships are available to help offset the costs to participate on our medical mission teams.

Currently, scholarships are available only for those trips with critical need spots still open.

“Without a sufficient roster of licensed medical professionals, scheduled medical missions are cancelled or surgical services elimated.  This compromises the continuity of care as well as surgical services for our patients, many of whom do not have access to even the most basic healthcare, except that provided by Refuge International. 

We recognize that participation in a mission can be financially burdensome. The goal of this scholarship program is to encourage and facilitate participation where critical personnel needs occur. ”

– Dr. Kenneth W. Eveland, General Surgeon & Medical Director, Refuge International

BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION — Please reach out to scholarshipsgroup@refugeinternational.com to determine if the mission that you are applying for is a critical needs mission.

To qualify for a mission scholarship, you must have an active or retired, unencumbered US license/certification in your medical profession. If you are retired, you will need to provide the date of retirement and list any volunteer work you’ve done since. Scholarships are awarded on a selective basis, subject to team needs and may be up to $750 to be applied towards your volunteer fee.

To apply for scholarship, please submit a completed application along with the $25 non-refundable application fee through the “Apply For Scholarship” button above.

First-time Refuge International volunteers are also required to provide 2 letters of professional reference, sent to  scholarshipsgroup@refugeinternational.com.

The completed application and fee must be received TWO (2) months prior to the mission trip date to allow for the review process (unless special dispensation has been granted).