While the borders remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic there is still a way you can help the people of Guatemala!

Make A Donation To Feed Families During The Pandemic

Food insecurity has increased significantly throughout Guatemala as the country has been shutdown since mid-March. Regular commerce and movement remain heavily restricted by the Guatemalan Government in the on-going effort to reduce community spread of the virus. As a result, many people find themselves without work and unable to feed their family. For this reason, Refuge International has shifted our focus to support our communities with food bags, which for just $𝟏𝟓 can provide families with enough basic supplies to last a couple of weeks. These bags include items such as beans, rice, pasta, soup mix, salt, cooking oil, oatmeal, powdered milk, Incaparina, coffee and sugar. 

With the generous donations we have received in the past month, Refuge has been able to help hundreds of families across 7 different villages, including Blue Creek, Cerro Blanco, El Rosario, San Juan, San Martin (all located in the Sarstun area), Estancia Vieja, and Concepcion El Cipres (located near San Raymundo). 

We need to keep this effort going as long as the country remains shutdown! If you can, please consider a donation to help us make sure families in Guatemala have food.

Your support will help families endure these difficult economic times.