Refuge International

Improving lives through healthcare, nutrition, clean water, and education.


Our Programs

Refuge International strives to make a difference through collaborative and sustainable programs in the areas of basic healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water and education in rural communities of Guatemala. We also serve the homeless population here in Longview by providing a monthly healthcare clinic.

Since 2003, our volunteers and donors have changed the lives of thousands. From regular check-ups and preventative medicines to performing life-saving surgeries, our medical teams have given new hope to the people of Guatemala. We've brought dentists, chiropractors and technicians to their communities. We've built schools, trained nurses and local practitioners, dug water wells and distributed water filters. Not to mention treating millions of children for worms and parasites. The need is great but so is our passion.

Medical Mission Trips

Volunteers making hearts with their handsRefuge International mission teams provide much-needed medical and surgical care to thousands of impoverished and unserveed people living in remote regions of Guatemala.



Water Project

Drilling a wellRefuge International strives to further improve the health of people in Guatemala by providing clean and adequate water resources.



Adios Lombrices! (Goodbye Worms!)

Kids taking deworming medicationRefuge International's goal of deworming children will benefit the overall health of those treated. Intestinal worms flourish in malnourished children and these parasites prevent the absorption of nutrients children need to grow up strong and healthy. By ridding children of parasites, the food they are given can be more readily utilized to grow and fight off childhood illnesses.



The Saul (Asked) Project

Saul after surgeryAs Refuge volunteers have worked throughout Guatemala, they have found many children who need extensive orthopedic surgery that cannot be performed in Guatemala due to lack of expertise.

Refuge International founded the Saul Project to work with the various governmental agencies and the specialists at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas to bring these children to the United States for life-changing surgeries.



Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Clinic

Patient and care provider at Hiway 80 Rescue MissionClose to home, Refuge International volunteers provide bi-monthly healthcare services to the homeless population in Longview, Texas.





Little boy and girl with bucket of foodMalnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and parasitic worms all contribute to this major health burden in Guatemala.




Schoolgirls in GuatemalaRefuge International hopes to provide the opportunity for better learning by providing teaching staff and school supplies in the remote areas we serve.