Clean Water in Guatemala

Many Guatemalans have to spend a large portion of their income just to have clean water for drinking and cooking.

A significant portion of Guatemala’s water is contaminated and most Guatemalans cannot afford purified bottled water. Therefore, they either have to purchase firewood to boil water or drink contaminated water that exposes them to life-threatening water-borne illnesses such as amoebiasis, giardiasis, and other infections. The water crisis in Guatemala has significantly impacted the ability to not only use water in everyday life but also the ability of rural people groups to grow food.

Refuge International collaborates with the people of Guatemala to achieve sustainable water programs by digging water wells and delivering water filtration systems. By doing this, we are able to build more resilient communities in rural areas.


Refuge International has drilled more than six water wells in Guatemala.

Since our water project began in Sarstún, Guatemala, there has not been a single report of diarrhea-related death in children—an event that was common in years prior. Our team of experts teach locals on the proper use and maintenance of the wells and regularly inspect the equipment to ensure proper function.

How You Can Help

Recognized worldwide as an effective way of filtering water over long periods of time, Sawyer Water Filters are distributed and used in areas where drilling isn’t feasible.

Each filter costs $50.

The Guatemalan Ministry of Health reports that 98% of the country's water sources are contaminated.

Families living in rural Guatemala earn between $3 and $6 per day.

A 20 oz. bottle of water costs about $1.