Despite prior surgical procedures, Angel Hernandez-Torres had two large cysts on his legs that had grown back for a third time. So once again, Angel went to his local hospital to have them removed. He handed the clerk his money, took a seat in the waiting room and waited. And waited some more. He waited until he was told to go home; no money was returned and no operation was performed. That’s how it sometimes goes in a national system that is overburdened and under-funded.

Several months later, still needing medical care, Angel showed up at our clinic in San Raymundo with hopes to be evaluated by one of our doctors. In fact, our team was able to remove the cysts that same day, and by that evening, Angel was recovering nicely from surgery. Throughout the day, Angel entertained team members and his translators with jokes and funny stories. He hugged his doctors during consults and kissed nurses on the cheek. Normally, you might expect to see someone become angry and bitter due to a system that had let him down time and time again. Instead, Angel was full of love and more than happy to “lift up” those that were here from another country to bring him the relief he so desperately needed.