Working as an Emergency Department nurse for over 9 years, Andrea Libhart is no stranger to multi-tasking and wearing a multitude of professional hats. She is also clinical faculty at the University of Colorado College of Nursing bringing nursing students into the hospital for clinical rotations. Andrea enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge to help others in their pursuit of a career in healthcare. 

After even the shortest conversation with Andrea, her passion for serving others is obvious. She is an individual that doesn’t see obstacles only opportunities to make a difference. Andrea has been volunteering with Refuge International in Guatemala for more than 7 years and often joins multiple mission teams annually. She has served at all our mission locations. We have endearingly named Andrea our JOAT, our Jack-Of-All-Trades.  On mission, Andrea serves in any number of roles where we’ve needed her. . . Pre- and Post-Op patient care, with a calm and efficient manner; OR circulator, anticipating the surgery team needs; Lab services, teaching others how to run U/As and draw blood; in Clinic, assisting with minor procedures and administering injections; in Pharmacy, dispensing numerous prescriptions (her original nickname was The Count) and helping streamline the inventory process.  There is literally nothing Andrea won’t pitch in and help with — well, at least we haven’t found it yet — and she does it all with a quick wit and infectious laugh.  And, when Andrea isn’t busy with patient care she can often be found making friends with any dog that might be in the neighborhood. Our volunteers are what make our mission possible and Andrea is just one example of the caliber of people we have had the honor to serve with.