Our local team of interpreters is a vital part of fulfilling our mission in Guatemala and Maria Alejandra Soto, aka Alessa, is a terrific example of just how unique our interpreters are.  Each one has such a varied background of skills and all of them match our volunteers level of dedication and compassion for our patients. Alessa attended medical school for two years before realizing her true desire to go to Art School.  Now, specializing in abstract style paintings, Alessa has been invited many times to expositions. On mission, Alessa’s initial medical training makes her a very capable part of our team helping volunteers connect with and treat patients. Alessa is a superstar interpreter with experience in Pre- and Post-Op, Pharmacy, Lab, Clinic Consults and a special affinity for Intake.  She not only bridges a cultural connection between patient and provider, she helps our volunteers understand our processes on mission and know all the resources available to them. Outside of missions and her art, Alessa can talk for hours on Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park. She may be the most petite member of our team but she is definitely the perfect embodiment of “great things come in small packages”.