Medical Mission Trips to Guatemala Since 2003

Improving the lives of Guatemalans through healthcare, nutrition, clean water and education.

Change is not

something to simply

wish or wait for.

Real change requires intent and action.


Guatemala Mission Trip Dates

Whether you are a licensed medical professional, student or non-medical, there are many ways you can serve. Our Guatemala medical mission teams include volunteers from a broad range of backgrounds. Bring an open heart and open mind and you will be amazed at the difference you can make in helping others.

We hope to serve with you in Guatemala one day soon!

2024 Mission Trip Dates

Our 2024 Guatemala Medical Mission Trip calendar is set!

Scroll through the Calendar below or visit each mission site page to see the complete list of team dates.

We look forward to serving with you soon!




Refuge International volunteers and supporters make a difference by building collaborative and sustainable programs among four important tenets.


Providing quality healthcare to
underserved populations.


Breaking the cycle of poverty
through improved education.


to improve
overall health.

Clean Water

Bringing sustainable, clean drinking
water to rural communities.


Refuge International volunteers and local team are some of the most dedicated, compassionate and committed people we could ever hope to meet and serve with. We love to share their stories and are sure you’ll be just as inspired as we are by them. We are forever grateful to those that give of their time and resources to make our mission possible.

Brenda Itzé Lemus Gordillo

Yo’o Guatemala, our service site partner in Purulhá, is a non-profit organization founded by Brenda Itzé Lemus Gordillo, a dynamic Guatemalan passionate about education and blazing paths toward a better future for her country...

Yo’o Guatemala programs focus on community development, education and literacy, health and nutrition, and life skills development.

Brenda is such a driving force in her community that she has been nominated for the 2023 CNN Heroes award. This effort honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid. To learn more, visit: Brenda Lemus, CNN Hero

Alessa Soto

Our local team of interpreters is a vital part of fulfilling our mission in Guatemala and Maria Alejandra Soto, aka Alessa, is a terrific example of just how unique our interpreters are. Each one has such a varied...

background of skills and all of them match our volunteers' level of dedication and compassion for our patients. Alessa attended medical school for two years before realizing her true desire to go to Art School. Now, specializing in abstract-style paintings, Alessa has been invited many times to expositions. On mission, Alessa’s initial medical training makes her a very capable part of our team helping volunteers connect with and treat patients. Alessa is a superstar interpreter with experience in Pre- and Post-Op ... read more

Dr. Ben Mack

Dr. Ben Mack has volunteered with Refuge International on at least a dozen trips over the past few years. A dynamic and committed surgeon, Dr. Mack makes a significant difference in the livesof people in Longview and Guatemala. It is evident in casual conversation that he has a passion for service and a strong drive to make...

the world a better place through medicine and volunteering. As a family he, his wife, Julie, and their three children, Samuel, Samantha, and Madeline share these values.

Dr. Mack lives in Longview, Texas and has been a general surgeon for over twenty-eight years. He first began looking into service work after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He described it as a life changing experience to be among absolute poverty and destruction allowing him to... read more